Gods Promises | 100+ Healing Scriptures With Soaking Music | Audio Bible | 12 hours (2020)

This is soooo powerful! Just soak in the healing words of God and PEACE will come and dominate your heart.

Let faith arise..Healing manifests because we have am amazing Lord and Savior who loves us so!



I was in the hospital in April with Covid, I had no Bible, no TV, I forgot my glasses. I was so out of it when they took me by ambulance from my home I forgot everything. But I found this 12 hours of Bible verses, I played it nonstop for the next 4 days in the hospital, then for several more days at home. It was my lifeline to Jesus during those darkest days. But I got better and came home with oxygen, God healed me in a miraculous way while trying to sing praise music while on oxygen. As I was trying to sing with each word I could feel my lungs expanding. Singing the words, all my days you have been faithful. I will sing of the mercies of God!
My husband and I use to listen to rain sounds to help us fall asleep at night but I was randomly scrolling through YouTube & found your channel. I praise God for your biblical scriptures videos..we noticed it helps us sleep more peacefully at night and it’s way better than the rain sounds we use to listen to. Thank you!
After four days of extreme pain all over my body because I was rearranging everything in my home I listened to 100 healing Promises of God all night and when I woke up this morning my body is literally healed I feel great thanks to Jesus Christ and you guys who obey and serve the Lord by serving us. THANK YOU JESUS , AMEN ! Thanks everyone ! By the way I do pray for all our brothers and sisters, the people of the world and that the LORD save more precious souls .
This has brought me some comfort and healing. I got married in December and just lost my husband this March unexpectedly. Im in such grief and pain. I have been a Christian all my life. Its so hard, but I know God is with me. Just be praying for me.
Thank you everyone who prayed for my husband. Two hours later he was feeling much better in Jesus Name! Hallelujah! To God be the Glory! I am believing our God for total "Healing and restoration" because of Jesus finished works on the cross! I'm reminding Jesus that we are waiting for his healing "from Parkinson" in the natural because its already been accomplished in the spiritual realm in Jesus name. Thank you everyone who are in agreement your time and prayers are greatly appreciated in Jesus sweet and precious name
This has healed me in every way imaginable. I am healed through the blood and luv of Christ. I pray that all those who need healing receive it to the fullest extent In Jesus name amen
To everyone who’s reading this that can’t sleep, everything will eventually get better. If you let faith take you by the hand, God will guide you to your path.  If no one has told you this, I love you &’ so does God!
Hey everyone. Going through some really rough times right now and going through them alone (in the physical world). Its hard, but I know the Lord is with me on every step. Hanging tough out here, but also want to pray for anyone going through hard times. The Lord is with you too, and he will deliver us all. Praise God!
Praying for restoration in my marriage, soften hearts, forgiving words & actions, better communication with my now ex, trust building, protection for our kids & renewed relationships for our little family of 4.
I am asking for prayer for my dad with pneumonia and has been in the hospital for 2 months now. I also have found myself angry lately. Asking the spirit of God wash over me and help release this anger. Thank you! I listen to this every night. The voice speaking brings me so much peace. I love you!
Prayer for my nightmares to go away and Healing of PTSD. I was listening to this devotional whilst I slept tonight, and woke from a bad night mare. I saw that you pray for people . Thank you for your prayers and your heart for a broken and hurting world. Amen!
Healing from depression and post traumatic stress, so that I can be myself again and be able to share my testimony for the Glory of The Most high in Jesus name 

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