Something About You by Sarah Reeves (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

LISTEN LOUD!! This is one of my favorites. I've danced around my house so many times to it and now you get to do the same! I hope you enjoy "Something About You"!

Video by: Sean Hagwell




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Sarah Reeves, Ben Schofield, Jeff Soijka, Daniella Mason, Robert Marvin


Verse 1:

So obscure you don’t always come through that open door

Not in the things I usually look for

My mystery got me intrigued


Pre chorus:

Fascinated captivated I’m amazed by all that You are

Uncontrollable emotion all your love exposing my heart



Yeah there’s just something about you

I’m better when I’m around you

Can’t get enough of the way you light up every room

You got me singing and shouting

I can’t stop talking about you

Wish I could explain the way that you do what you do

Yeah there’s just something about you


Verse 2:

Your gentle voice I hear it breaking through the loudest noise

It’s ringing through me filling every void

I overflow one thing I know



When I’m with you every single day is brand new

When I’m with you every single day is brand new

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