The Purpose of this PsalmistGiftShop

Hi there,

I have created this online Christian shop for only one purpose.

And that is to spread JESUS to the world in my own little way.

I love to wear caps with Psalm91 or Psalm23 on. 

I even bought a  jacket with customized PSALM91 print on it.

You see, all sorts of t-shirts got their own print and branding to it.

But when you see it worn by many, it just nothing. It is just a word.

A brand and it can't help lift your spirit up and be encourage to come to Jesus.

But when you wear tees, bracelets or even decos filled with Jesus promises and Bible verses. Everything seem to lighten up and give me hope.

I hope it will do the same thing to you too.

God's Word is POWER.

WEAR it and be get blessed by it.

I am only managing this Psalmist Gift Shop and I am new to shopify.

Please bear with me if there are some issues in your orders.

I would love to serve you better...ALL FOR JESUS GLORY!




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